Health, Safety, & Environment

Here's a list of our proactive health, safety and environment programs.

Workplace Orientation

Any employee with less than 6 months with OES or in their current position.  Each SSE receives an orientation, training, and an evaluation following 6 months of service in the current position.  SSE’s are assigned a mentor and identified by a hi-vis orange hard hat.

Job Performance Report

Used to document and track the performance of field personnel, tools, and equipment on each job.  Reviewed by the operations manager following the job.


Communicating Awareness, Safety and Environmental Responsibilities -  OES’s behavior-based safety program involving employee observation and intervention of both safe and at-risk behaviors.  All employees are trained in observation and feedback techniques.  OES tracks BBS performance.

Job Safety & Environmental Analysis

Used to communicate to personnel involved in a task the steps of the task, the potential hazards of the task, and the recommended safe procedures to minimize exposure to the hazards.  We also use visual JSEA that include pictures of ouroperations used in conjunction with the written JSEA.

Short Service Employee

Any employee with less than 6 months with OES or in their current position.  Each SSE receives an orientation, training, and an evaluation following 6 months of service in the current position.  SSE’s are assigned a mentor and identified by a hi-vis orange hard hat.

Employee Passport

A wallet-sized card issued to service personnel, which validates the employee's date of hire and all regulatory training that has been completed.

Quarterly Safety Meetings

Management’s key element for communicating the importance of safety within our organization.  The meetings foster dialogue between employees and management regarding safety and operational issues.  Each employee is required to attend at least one meeting per quarter.


Shutdown Authority For Everyone is an awareness program reviewed with personnel on location to emphasize their right, authority, and obligation to shut down any task they feel is unsafe.

Substance Abuse Program

OES conducts the following drug and alcohol tests: pre-employment, pre-access, random, reasonable cause, post-accident, return-to-work, follow-up, and annual.  OES offers an employee assistance program and maintains a zero tolerance policy.

OSHA 24 Hour Core Training

All employees receive 24 hours of OSHA safety training during the 1st week of employment.  All employees attend an annual 8 hour refresher.

Safety Observations

Formal observations conducted on work locations by safety department personnel and/or operations managers.  Observations include: pre-job safety meeting and JSEA critique, rig-up procedures, proper tool and equipment use, and work-in-progress behaviors.  Most observations are done randomly but may be requested by OES customers.


An OES program that involves a brief 5-10 minute shutdown of the task, within the first hour of start-up, in order for all crew members on location to discuss any safety issues that may have arisen since start-up but not discussed in the pre-job safety meeting.

Facility Inspections

Conducted monthly by employees within each department at each OES owned facility.  The inspection helps identify and mitigate existing hazards.  Inspection reports are reviewed by the HSE department and action plans are developed and tracked to closure.