Drive Hammers

Over 40 years ago, Offshore Energy Services, Inc. (OES) began offering Drive Hammer services to the Oil and Gas industry across the U.S. Gulf Coast region, both land and offshore.

In 1976, OES began with the utilization of the Delmag Diesel Hammer and, the already extensive inventory, was updated in 2000 with the addition of the IHC Hydraulic Hammers.  Over the span of 4+ decades, OES has established itself as an industry leader and is widely recognized throughout the region and beyond.

Our Drive Hammer Department also provides a vast quantity of drive hammer accessories: Drive-pipe Whipstocks and Conductor products including our innovative rapid penetration Hydrating Drive Shoe (Patented 8,191,650).  These additional services/products coupled with our highly-trained personnel and our commitment to safety has made OES one of the premier providers of Drive Hammer services.

Hammer Job Pictures 002