Rig Site Bucking Units

Self-contained portable unit designed to make and break drill stem connections at the well site.

Utilization of the Torque Pro creates a significant rig time savings by employing an offline system for drill string connections that would otherwise be a time consuming process on the rig floor.

  • Fixed headstock chuck with 3 ½" to 12" diameter capacity
  • Traveling tailstock chuck with 3 ½" to 12" diameter capacity
  • No jaws or inserts to change for different work piece diameters
  • Self centering, cylinders extend evenly
  • 115,000 Ft./Lbs. make/break force on free standing skid base
  • Standard tong dies assures easy replacement
  • Designed to work with a 3,000-PSI hydraulic pressure
  • Open head and tailstock design allows vertical access for long components